About Us

Design. Quality. Pricing.
  Our design is aimed to provide beautiful aesthetics to the vaping populace. Whether it's through our logo, label, apparel, or stickers.Our juice goes through an extensive quality control from beginning to end. We ensure our customers that our juice is crafted with only the highest quality ingredients, and that our juice only uses pharmaceutical grade nicotine. All of our juices are also at a 70/30 VG/PG ratio to provide the most flavor possible, while catering to those that prefer cloud chasing.
  Our pricing was to help begin a new trend in the vaping community. Most people in current vaping populace can easily finish a 15ml bottle in a single day, and paying $12 - $15 for that is simply wrong. We want to sell e-juice at a reasonable price to allow vapers to comfortably spend their money and know that their bottle won't be empty at the end of the day.
8359 Elk Grove Florin Road
Suite #103-90
Sacramento, CA 95829
(415) 598-7416